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Saturday, 25 April 2015 15:18


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  • Хотел Слънчева перла е разположен в защитена горска местност с живописен изглед към крайбрежието на Черно море.
  • Отдайте се на почивка в луксозен апартамент с невероятна гледка към Черно море и самостоятелен балкон.

Експозицията е разположена в реставрираната и приспособена за тази цел стара турска баня – Хамама, намираща се в непосредствена близост до Градския исторически музей. Строена е в началото на XV век и представлява масивна правоъгълна куполна постройка от камък, към която на времето е имало специално изграден хипокауст за отопление и снабдяване с топла вода. Тук могат да се видят каменни котви, амфори, монети, тракийско златно съкровище, керамични съдове,редки свидетелства за древното корабоплаване и др.

В зала „Трезор“ е изложен уникален полиметален слитък, свързван с епохата на  Новото царство в Египет, тъй като изображения с подобни слитъци има от Тел-ел Амарна (изработени са от злато), които се отнасят към времето на фараона-еретик Аменхотеп IV, известен още като Ехнатон . Слитъкът е във формата на разпъната волска кожа и се смята за домонетно средство за размяна, използвано в търговията през ХIV в. пр.Хр. Историята на древното корабоплаване по северното черноморие е представена чрез цветни копия на антични и средновековни карти.

Tuesday, 30 November 1999 02:00

Cape Chirakman

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The unique appearance of the Kavarna beach in the port is determined by the silhouette of the plateau, which juts out into the sea. They call it Chirakman. Researchers still argue about the origin of its name. One popular version is that 'chirakman' means 'torch', 'light'. This name is associated with its role from deep antiquity as a guide for ships at sea. Unfortunately, during the Antiquity after one of the largest earthquakes the front of the ancient plateau collapsed. Thus the sea swallowed part of the famous settlement Bizone. It was established in V century BC. in place of the old Thracian settlement by Greek settlers from Mesambriya (today's town of Nessebar). They were impressed by the cozy valley enclosed by Chirakman and Chair burun. Wealth and flowering of Bisone are demonstrated in archaeological excavations. Findings - expensive vessels, magnificent jewelry, weapons, luxury items, which today can be seen at the historical museum of Kavarna prove that Bisone traded with all known centers of the Black and Mediterranean seas. About its role as an important port in the ancient world witness the ancient maps, which place Bisone between Odessos (Varna) and Kalatis (Mangalia).

Earliest fortress walls of Chirakman were built before V century as part of the Byzantine system strengthening northwest Black Sea coast. After the integration of the region with Bulgaria the stronghold Chirakman gradually had become one of the most important medieval castles.

The magnificent building which remains today can be seen on the plateau, a huge amount coins, extensive necropolis, luxury and wells, provoke specialists to express the assumption that on cape Chirakman was located Karvuna fortress, which gave the name of Karvuna region mentioned in the ‘Dubrovnik deed’ of Ivan Assen II. Although this thesis is still controversial, this medieval city was of great importance during crucial period of the Second Bulgarian country. Certainly it was within the Dobruzhan despoty and was a favorite place of the son of Dobrotitsa- Ivanko Terter. The historical sources the town is mentioned as Kariava, Gavarna, Karnava.

500 m. west of the front part of Chirakman is detected the largest necropolis of the XIV-XVII century. Archeologists have studied 960 graves, where are found not only unique burial gifts gold earrings, bronze and copper rings, wooden combs with polychromatic decoration and gold inlay, but traces of extremely interesting rituals associated with the beliefs of people. It is perhaps the only place in Bulgaria where is found evidence of the cult to the fire. In almost all graves were placed flints, so called 'Perun`s arrows’ or translated into plain language - instruments of God Perun, with which it sends people cleaning power of fire. Other necropolis is registered at 300 meters west of Late Mediaeval one. There is found a treasure of 36 silver coins of Ioan Alexander and Michael (XIV century). An impressive fact about Chirakman is that there are found more than 70 different types of coins.

Moreover, in 1902 in the neighboring upland is found big gold treasure. It consisted of a golden crown, golden container with diameter at about 25 cm, on which there was an image of chariots with three horses and a golden statuette of a lion with a length of 20 cm. In the treasure there is a set of ornaments for the trappings, among which stands out an ornament shaped as a head of griffin. Treasure was made at the end of IV century BC. May be it comes from one of goldsmiths` workshops in the town Bisone. It proves that there lived rich Thracian aristocrats whose magnificent jewelry has yet to be found in the region of Kavarna.


Tuesday, 30 November 1999 02:00

Botanic Garden

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The "Univercity Botanikal Garden" - Balchik was created in 1955 on the park territory of the former summer residence of the Romanian queen Maria.

The constant and systematic care, has returned the beauty of this "quiet nest" and it has become a tourist site with international popularity. Today, on total area of 65 decares are located vegetable species from all around the world.

One of the biggest attractions is the collection of big cactus species, represented on 1 decare open area. It is only second of its kind after the one in Monaco. In the garden, you may observe exotic plants such as caoutchouc tree, Ginkgo biloba, the rare Meta Sequoia, Magnolia grandiflora and many others. You will enter into a wealth of flower-beds, clambering plants and old trees. There are over 2000 vegetable species planted, belonging to 85 families and more than 800 genera with incredible varieties and forms


Tuesday, 30 November 1999 02:00


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Varna Dolphinarium is located in the northern part of the Sea Garden in Varna.Opened on 11 August 1984 and has 1200 seats. The pool size is 12 to 15 meters and 6 meters deep and filled with seawater through a special pump system. Water is extracted from the Black Sea to 150-160 meters from shore and depth of 3-6 meters, where it is most pure and undergoes treatment before it reaches the pool. Dolphinhas a coffee shop with a transparent wall of the tank.


Tuesday, 30 November 1999 02:00

Стандартна стая

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Всички стаи на хотел "Слънчева Перла" са реновирани- елегантни и удобни. Изгледът към морето и цъфналите градини на парка,с

които е заобиколен целият комплекс, са характерни за всички стаи, придавайки им романтика и спокойствие.


§ Легло тип “King size” или две отделни легла

§ Индивидуален контрол на климатичната система

§ Мини бар

§ Телевизор с LCD екран

§ Бюро и кът за сядане

§ Безжичен интернет

§ Баня с душ кабина или вана

§ Тераса










Sunday, 08 January 2012 18:53


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Ресторант Слънчева Перла  е разположен в непосредствена близост до

хотела. Разполага със 140 места.Подходящ е за организиране на фирмени

и семейни тържества. Богатият асортимент на менюто може да задоволи

всеки вкус и каприз.

Sunday, 08 January 2012 18:49


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Комплекс "Слънчева перла" се намира в богат на история и забележителности край. Туристическите

обиколки до Балчик, нос Калиакра, резервата Яйлата, Етнографския комплекс и Музея на морето в

Каварна предлагат незабравими преживявания. В морската столица Варна можете да посетите

Делфинариума - единствен по рода си на Балканския полуостров.


Делфинариум град Варна

§ Местоположение 50 км. от хотела

§ Работно време в зависимост от сезона

§ Вторник-Неделя


Университетска Ботаническа Градина

§ Местоположение 9 км. от хотела

§ Работно време от 08.00 - 20.00ч.

§ Понеделник-Неделя


Нос Чиракман

§ Местоположение 12 км. от хотела


Нос Калиакра

§ Местоположение 23 км. от хотела

§ Работно време от 10.00-19.00ч.

§ Понеделник-Неделя



§ Местоположение 30 км.  от хотела



§ Местоположение 9 км.  от хотела


Камен Бряг

§ Местоположение 28 км.  от хотела



§ Местоположение 9 км.  от хотела

Sunday, 08 January 2012 18:38

Hotel Location

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Sunshine Pearl Hotel is located in a private park in a quiet location on the Black Sea coast overlooking the Bay of the White Lagoon. Kavarna is 5 kilometers from the hotel.

The hotel is located in an area Ikantalaka near to Kavarna.



Sunday, 08 January 2012 17:10


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§ Free parking
§ Free use of swimming pool for all customers of the hotel
§ Free wireless Internet throughout the hotel
§ Safe deposit box at the Reception
§ Airport transfers
§ Security and fire alarm
§ Storage
§ Laundry and dry cleaning
§ Doctor on call
§ Rental cars


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